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I've been meditating on the High Priestess for a while now. Probably longer than I ought, but certain issues were brought to light.

One is the concept of "virginity". The High Priestess Key is associated with figures of Eternal Virginity as contrasted by The Empress who represents figures of Fertility.

But my thought is this; virginity is by definition a negative state (negative meaning absence of a thing rather than any badness or judgment). Virginity, to exist as a state of having not experienced sexual intimacy requires for it to have meaning, the potential for sexual union. Thus, this twoness is a kind of potential state as opposed to the fruitful state of threeness whereupon the two have joined creating between them the third state; that of relationship. (from I-Thou to We)

In unified consciousness there is no such thing as virginity because there is no two to join and by extension, no experience of joining to not have. Thus, two requires one but oneness negates two.

Virginity as a negative state also suggests that to turn it's awareness away from the unified state of existence to the potential for sexual union means that the High Priestess is an act of self-negation. This corresponds to the kabbalistic depiction of creation wherein the Spirit of God withdrew itself to make the Void.

This is where the Dove hovers as both the Bright and the Dark. This is the point of Creation-to-be and the source of beingness as beingness rather than as potential or even awareness of potential. This is the mystery of the Columbe, the maiden through whom the Most High incarnates through His desire to the Christform.

I would say more, but the Empress has me by the throat...


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Dec. 5th, 2016 02:20 pm (UTC)
High prietress
I don't think the high prietress card is a good one because as the Pope's wife, she should not officially exists and must hide.
The card might then suggest every personnality aspect that must be hidden
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